Do High-End Homeowners “Get” Your Brand?

When is the last time you took a step back, put on your “customer” hat, and looked closely at your company branding? Your logo. Your website. Your marketing materials. Your showroom. If you can’t remember the last time (or worse, you never have!), then it’s time you do. 

Think about your company and what it stands for. What type of service does your team provide? What type of inventory do you carry? If your goal is to provide exceptional service to the Affluent Audience when they’re shopping for premium and luxury appliances, then consider your business’s outward appearance. Is it fresh? Does it exude an elevated feel? Better yet, do your sales numbers meet or exceed your expectations? If not, then it’s time to consider a rebrand.

Fix your gaze on your ideal customer: the Affluent Audience. They have disposable income and a discerning eye. They appreciate the finer things in life, but they also look for businesses and products that make their lives easier. That’s where your business comes in. You sell the premium and luxury appliances this audience desires. But does your storefront make that statement? Is your branding still lingering from the 1990s? Is your logo languishing in the glory of previous decades of success? Does your showroom feel fresh and vibrant, or are there dark and dusty spaces that repel instead of attract?

Once you’ve taken a hard look at your branding and decided it’s time for something fresh and new, consider that the best team to correct this branding misalignment is the one specializing in Affluent Marketing. With more than 14 years of working almost exclusively with premium and luxury appliance dealers, we understand this industry intimately—including your ideal audience. And once your branding is spot on, we know the most effective ways to reach that Affluent Customer with your updated brand and message.

When you work with Affluent Bridge on a rebranding, the results will be measurable. Rich Kopser, owner of Hagedorn’s Appliances, attests, “I can’t recommend Chris and his staff enough for what he took us from to where we are today.”

The marketing experts at Affluent Bridge took into consideration the long-standing and beloved reputation Hagedorn’s Appliances has in its community and crafted a comprehensive rebrand strategy, including a new logo and website and a complete showroom overhaul. The extensive work executed by Affluent Bridge gives a nod to Hagedorn’s rich company history while inviting a new generation of Affluent Buyers to experience this esteemed locally owned business.

“I believe we have the most unique showroom and the best customer experience in the Cincinnati market,” continues Kopser, “and I couldn’t be happier with the result.”

Take a peek at Hagedorn’s new branding, which includes a one-third-scale replica of the company’s 1961 building placed in the center of his new showroom.

When you’re ready to learn more about how a company rebrand by Affluent Bridge can benefit your bottom line, get in touch.