Elevate Your Profits: A Shift Towards Premium and Luxury Brands

Are you tired of constantly battling for 20- to 25-point margins? While mass marketing plans from manufacturers and buying groups have their place, the heavy focus on discounts won’t produce the profits you want. It’s time to rethink your approach and prioritize the brands with higher margins. 

Which brands could you intentionally focus on growing with an eye on higher profits?

Chances are you’ve noticed the surge in demand for high-end appliances in your local market. It isn’t just a temporary spike—it’s a nationwide shift in consumer preferences. And who stands to benefit the most from this trend? Believe it or not, it won’t be the Big Box stores, even as they scramble to catch up by introducing more high-end lines onto their floors. Their focus remains primarily on individual sales or packages, leaving ample opportunity for independent dealers like you to shine.

Know What Sets You Apart

Your key differentiators are the high-end set of solutions you offer that your competitors don’t:

  • a knowledgeable sales team experienced in handling renovation and new construction conversations
  • efficient order management systems that stay in touch with the high-end customer from order to installation
  • expert delivery and installation teams who offer additional care when in a home

Combine that with a stellar showroom experience, and you’re well-positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for high-end appliances.

Where Is The Greatest Potential?

With that foundation in place, take a minute to analyze your brand mix and note the growth trends of your premium and luxury brands over the past few years. Research shows that luxury appliance sales from January to September 2021 increased by a whopping 45% in the U.S. Odds are you’ll find that demand for your high-end brands has grown. And you already know that many high-end brands offer higher profit margins. Which brands could you intentionally focus on growing with an eye on higher profits?

It All Adds Up To Growth

Your best potential for growing your profit margins is with your premium and luxury brands. Your biggest competitors, even those who offer a few high-end brands, struggle to deliver the high-end experience you can. But reaching the high-end consumer—your Affluent Audience—requires a new approach that can be daunting. That’s where our experienced team comes in. At Affluent Bridge, we’ve developed proven solutions that help dealers maximize profits and sales with the Affluent Audience. By shifting your focus to sell more premium and luxury brands, you’ll position your business for a long-term, profitable future.