Funded Advertising

Funded Advertising

Spend Smarter

When you receive manufacturer funds, you can’t just throw mud at the wall to see what sticks. You have to spend smarter. Mass marketing tactics don’t capture the Affluent Audience. When you embrace a hyper-targeted approach and strategically spend your accrued funds, two things will happen: Momentum will start to build with this niche audience, and manufacturers will recognize—and often reward—your success.

Case in Point: ADU

ADU is a family-owned dealer with eight locations in the northeastern United States.

The Challenge: The COVID pandemic brought in-store events to a halt, which suddenly — and severely — limited ADU’s ability to engage their audiences.

The Solution: ADU instead engaged Chris and his team to create highly targeted digital campaigns to reach ADU’s affluent audience through the use of manufacturer funds. By helping to obtain pre-approval from the manufacturer and also providing easy-to-download post-campaign reports, their turnkey approach put ADU’s manufacturer funds to use in new and reimagined ways. This allowed ADU to continue interacting with their target audiences in a way that worked with that historic point in time. Now, post-pandemic, ADU continues to prioritize manufacturer funded digital advertising in their overall marketing approach.

Our company has been working with Chris and his team for over a year and we feel they are the best advertising/business management company we have ever worked with. They are professional and amazing at advertising. The quality of their content is fantastic and really speaks to our clients. They understand us in a way that few people do. They customize every piece to fit our company while working with our vendors so that we spend less time with paperwork. I recommend them highly!

Christy Oliff-Ellis, VP of Marketing


Leverage Accrued Funds to Grow Your Market Share

With easy pre-approvals, content crafted to inspire the Affluent Audience, and downloadable filing reports, our Manufacturer Funded Campaigns make it easy to spend your accrued funds smartly.