When Manufacturers Dictate Your Future
funded ads

Many dealers depend on Manufacturer Funding for advertising, but doing so often means ceding control over messaging and business goals. When your advertising depends on coop funds, your business goals take a back seat. 

Brands Shouldn’t Be In The Drivers Seat

Imagine this scenario: A highly sought-after brand doesn’t offer ad funds, so you don’t consistently advertise the brand.

What happens? When Affluent Homeowners are doing their research, they primarily shop by using online platforms. Whether they use Google or other social media platforms to gather information, you’re not in the conversation because your funds ran out or you never had funds in the first place for specific brands. 

When you let the lack of coop funds dictate which brands you promote, you surrender the control of your future sales opportunities. Your advertising strategy should directly correlate to the goals of your business—not to the coop funds available from manufacturers.

You Have An Important Story To Tell

Here’s another degrading practice of your company’s brand and growth: You DO receive ad funds from a well-known brand, but their pre-built advertising focuses on the features of the appliances. There’s nothing in the ads about your long-time presence in the community or your stellar installation team. The advertising accomplishes the brand’s goals of selling specific products, but how is it helping you reach yours? 

Affluent Buyers, whether homeowners or trade professionals, inherently prefer to do business with a local, hometown brand. Advertising that is limited to only appliance’s features overshadows your identity and sets up your sales team to compete on price alone.

Don’t Let The Manufacturers Dictate Your Future

When you rely solely on manufacturer funds to pay for your advertising, you prioritize their brand promotion over your business objectives—and ultimately over your growth. Manufacturer Funds can be a component of your Affluent Audience strategy, but it can’t be the only one. 

The priority for your advertising strategy should be to amplify your brand’s visibility and align the messaging with your business objectives. When you take full control of your advertising strategy and stop being dictated by ad funds, you empower your business to thrive independently, grow strategically, and increase your market share.