Find Your Audience to Maximize Growth

In a game of bowling, you know your target. Hit one pin and you can take them all down and score big. Well, the same is true in business. You have to understand your ideal customer or audience—that’s the target you’re aiming to reach in order to meet (or exceed) your business goals.

Meet Your Ideal Audience

In the world of premium and luxury appliance sales, that target is the Affluent Audience. How acquainted are you with this particular type of buyer? The appliance industry often identifies its audience by products purchased instead of by relationships. We want to fix that so let’s focus on the personality or persona of the Affluent Buyer. First things first, let’s take a look at who comprises the Affluent Audience so you can begin to visualize your optimal customer.

When we examine your ideal Affluent Audience, we break it into two groups:

1. The ASPIRING Homeowner
2. The ARRIVED Homeowner

Aspiring Homeowners

Aspiring Homeowners are younger, early on in their careers, perhaps starting a family. They earn in the low six-figure income bracket and live in homes that hover around the half-a-million-dollar range*. The Aspiring Homeowner is busy—with their family, with their jobs, with life. But they still make time to entertain friends and family, and to do so, they appreciate the convenience that a masterfully made premium or luxury appliance brings—be it the smart features, the health-promoting components, or the eco-friendly manufacturing.

Arrived Homeowners

Arrived Homeowners are more seasoned. They may have kids in middle school, high school, or college. They’re further along in their careers, perhaps considering retirement in the next 10-15 years. They earn in the mid-six-figure range, and their well-appointed home is several million dollars. They have a taste for the finer things—be it in travel, food, fashion, and yes, home appliances. They enjoy the luxury of concierge service and tailor-made experiences. And they prefer shopping with businesses that have an understanding of the finer things and provide an “experience” for their patrons.

Do You Have What the Affluent Audience Desires?

Are you envisioning what each of these Affluent Audience buyers is like? How they shop and the things in which they place value? These people—your potential customers—have the disposable income and the desire to purchase what you’re selling, but before they can spend a dime with your business, they need to know it exists. And furthermore, they need to trust that you can deliver the shopping experience and the product quality they desire.

That’s where Affluent Bridge comes in strong. With over 14 years of experience connecting luxury and premium appliance dealers with their Affluent Audiences, we have mastered the art of identifying the customers you want and that will ultimately convert to sales. Whether it’s creating or refining your online presence to better appeal to this audience, or doing a complete rebranding so that your shopping experience more closely aligns with what the Affluent Audience desires, the marketing pros at Affluent Bridge can help you tap into the audience that will positively impact your bottom line.

Contact Affluent Bridge today and learn how to tap into this valuable and influential audience.

*Income and home value generalizations may vary by market, but the Affluent Audience’s expectations and lifestyles rarely change.