The Ad Investments That Clearly IMPACT High-End Growth
Ad Investment concept

Having spent more than 14 years meeting premium and luxury appliance dealers throughout the United States, we have learned some pretty eye-opening findings when it comes to this specific type of dealers’ ad investments. More specifically, our experience has revealed which ad investments are the ones that clearly impact high-end growth—and those that don’t.

You may be surprised to learn that the typical ad buys that dealers commonly purchase—billboards, home magazine ads, or digital advertising campaigns featuring a rebate or price point, for example—are NOT the top-performing means for driving growth. But what is?

Hyper-targeted and Tactical Advertising

It’s the ad investments that are hyper-targeted and specific to one of your core audiences: Affluent Homeowners. According to, “mass affluent adults” are defined as “one-person households with an income of $75,000-$99,999 and all adults in households with a household income of $100,000-$149,999.” Distill those statistics further, and that means that only 28% of consumers live in what is defined as affluent households. And THOSE are the people you want to reach.*

Think about it this way. Instead of putting up a billboard on a heavily trafficked interstate where ALL consumers travel, what if you could put up a billboard in a luxury gated community where 100% of the residents are your target audience? Doesn’t that seem like a more wise and efficient use of your marketing dollars? While we can’t put up billboards in affluent neighborhoods, we can still achieve that same specificity when reaching the Affluent Audience. In so doing, we achieve dramatic results, and our clients enjoy incredible growth.

While we recognize the power of traditional media, we stand by our experience and the guaranteed results we achieve by targeting this very specific Affluent Audience, which happens to be YOUR audience. Learn more about our Self-Promotion and Funded Advertising options, and when you’re ready to experience growth in all-new ways, get in touch. We’re ready to get started!

*Income and home value targets vary across markets, but as defined here, the mass affluent audience generally represents the baseline for an Affluent Audience-targeted campaign.