Enhance Your Affluent Strategy with Online Advertising
Online advertising for affluent audience

The advertising landscape has changed immensely in recent years, opening up new opportunities for appliance dealers to reach their most valuable audience. From manufacturer funding to promotional budgets, options to increase brand awareness and sales abound. But if dealers are truly interested in capturing the audience who is constantly buying, they must embrace digital advertising.

Over the past 14 years, the Affluent Bridge team has been helping dealers across the U.S. grow their premium and luxury business. How? We have discovered how to harness the power of online advertising to deliver the results dealers and manufacturers seek.

If you’re ready to grow your appliance business, consider the following lessons we’ve learned through incorporating online advertising into a high-end appliance strategy.

Build Awareness on Social Media

A 2022 Hubspot report shows that 80% of brands surveyed advertised on social media, and social media usage statistics confirm why these platforms are so valuable to advertisers. In 2022, over 60% of millennials and Gen Z, who are expected to make up 45% of the luxury audience by 2025, reported using social media at least a few times per week. Even 50% of Gen X and 35% of baby boomers use social media multiple times per week.

While a handful of social media platforms offer dealers the opportunity to increase awareness among a large portion of their target audience, Facebook and Instagram have proven to be the most successful for the dealers we have worked with. In fact, these two platforms saw the best ROI from advertisements in 2022, according to Hubspot.

Embrace Your Metrics

When it comes to utilizing funds, social media advertising also allows dealers to provide manufacturers with the valuable information they’re looking for: metrics. Social media advertising platforms allow marketers to access specific data that speaks to the effectiveness of their strategy. These metrics have allowed the Affluent Bridge team to prove how valuable advertising on social media platforms can be to dealers and manufacturers time and time again.

Bring Consistent Awareness with Google Search 

A paid search campaign allows dealers to increase visibility of their brand and content to users who are actively searching for premium and luxury appliances. While there are other search engines that offer advertising, Google holds 92% of the market share worldwide. In our experience, a well-designed Google search campaign with the right keywords and targeting offers valuable, consistent brand awareness that complements manufacturer campaigns, which often vary in length and budget due to funding.

Target the Audience Who Brings True Growth

Your affluent audience can bring consistent growth to your business with the right premium and luxury appliance advertising strategy. Google, Meta, and other online advertising platforms allow marketers to reach the affluent audience through detailed targeting options such as income and interests. Honing in on the details of your affluent audience helps to ensure that high-end appliance advertising funds are only spent on those who are likely to buy premium and luxury products.

From paid search to social media, online advertising can strengthen an appliance dealer’s sales funnel and improve relationships with manufacturers. If you’re interested in harnessing the power of online advertising to grow your premium and luxury appliance business, the Affluent Bridge team offers services that can help.