Create Repeat Customers: Close Your Marketing Loop
close marketing loop

When someone purchases an appliance from your dealership, the relationship doesn’t end with the card swipe and signature. The customer/dealer relationship is one that—like any relationship—needs nurturing and follow-up care.

Do you keep in touch with your clients after their purchase? Do you check how things are going with their new appliances to see if they have any questions or comments? Here we discuss the importance of closing the marketing loop with your customers so that the closed sale leads to an ongoing relationship built on trust and appreciation.

The Sale is Just the Beginning

You may think the end goal of your sales funnel is the sale, but the conversion stage is just the beginning of what could be a tremendous opportunity for repeat business. According to Sprout Social’s marketing funnel, there are two key stages below the conversion to consider: loyalty and advocacy. When you build these two stages into your strategy, you begin to close the marketing loop with clients, positioning your business as their go-to appliance dealer for years to come.

Building Brand Loyalty reports that “up to 93% of consumers would return to a company if their previous experience was positive.” That’s why the journey that both first-time and returning customers take toward a purchase should be fine-tuned to create the most positive experience possible. And you should continue providing exceptional customer service and value to your customers long after they make that initial purchase.

One way to leave a positive lasting impression on your customers is by offering gifts of appreciation for their patronage of your business. Check out our previous blog post for gift-giving strategies that help build valuable customer relationships. 

It’s also important to check in with your customers after each purchase to let them know that you care about the experience they had with your business, its staff, and your products. Ask questions that can help you make important adjustments to your customer journey.

As a luxury appliance dealer, you also want to remain a valuable source of information for previous clients. Consider this audience when it comes to your blog, social media, and email marketing strategies. Provide up-to-date information about new appliances, updates to over-the-air appliance software, trend forecasts, and the like. This way, you can enhance your customers’ experience with the products they purchased from your business while reminding them that you are a reliable expert on the topic.

Promoting Brand Advocacy

When your customers have an amazing and unmatched experience with your business and its employees, they may even become advocates for your brand. From positive online reviews to word-of-mouth recommendations, each client has the potential to become a vocal supporter of your company. With 92% of clients trusting brand advocates over advertising, it’s essential that you offer customers an experience worth talking about.

Don’t Forget Your Trade Pro Audience

Closing the loop with builders, designers, and other trade professionals requires a specific strategy in which you offer an exceptional experience to both the pros and their clients. If you want your trade pro audience to consider you their go-to appliance source for each of their projects, offer them inspiration and information that will help them accomplish their clients’ goals.

Use email marketing and social media to deliver the content that equips your B2B audience with the knowledge and inspiration they need to bring their clients’ dream kitchens to life. It’s also important to consider the trade professional when designing your showroom. Offer a space that nurtures the kitchen design process. Visit our past blog post on connecting with builders and designers to learn more.

Each time you close the marketing loop, you set yourself up not only for repeat business but for brand advocacy as well. Use this insight to craft a marketing plan that encourages brand awareness. For assistance from the marketing experts who specialize in the premium and luxury appliance space, get in touch today.