The Overlooked Power of Brand Identity
Hagedorn's branding

Does your brand really have an identity? Consider this: does it reflect where you came from, your uniqueness, and a modern or timeless style? Brand Identity is a phrase that some use flippantly, but its capability to make even the smallest company powerful is often overlooked. Identity is how your brand sets the tone through visuals and messaging of what your clients will experience. If your identity is disconnected from your brand, prepare yourself to be stuck as customers struggle to see value in you.

Honoring a Brand’s History

In our recent work with Hagedorn’s Appliances, an independent appliance dealer for 78 years, we rebuilt their brand and expanded their brand identity by uncovering the past. Hagedorn’s has remained committed to building true friendships, supporting their community, and offering quality products since Bill Hagedorn started the company in 1941. Inspired by this approach, our team redirected their branding from limited messaging and outdated imagery to their unique style and messaging from the early ’60s. Using their classic, original branding as a foundation, we put a modern spin on their brand identity while embracing the retro look. In their newly designed showroom, we displayed iconic images captured from that time period then added an exclamation point on their new identity by rebuilding their 1960’s storefront inside the new showroom. It’s an intentional journey that sets the tone for the new Hagedorn’s—a rich heritage and hometown feel crafted for a modern shopping experience.

Take the time now and plan for a more powerful future. Invest your energy into a strong brand identity, make stronger connections with your customers, and stand out from predictable competitors.