The Hidden Gems in Online Search Advertising

When everyone in the premium and luxury appliance industry is seeking the same customers, it can be hard to stand out among your competition. But by tapping into the power of online search advertising, your business can rise above the noise and more easily and effectively reach the highly motivated and financially established consumers you want.

Why Online Search Advertising?

As a consumer, you likely research your desired purchases by searching online before you buy. Well, so does your target audience. In fact, according to Saleslion, a whopping 81% of shoppers do online research before making a purchase—including your ideal customer, the Affluent Audience. 

Because you know they are searching online, it’s imperative that your business is present in your ideal customer’s search results when they’re looking for products you sell. If someone searches “refrigerator replacement parts,” they’re likely not looking to purchase a high-end refrigerator. However, if they search “wine refrigeration,” they are presumably looking—and have the budget—for the luxury appliances you sell. 

We believe that with a solid Paid Search Campaign foundation, we can leverage the power of this proven digital advertising strategy to create a consistent online presence for your brand. And by doing so, we capture consumers who are actively looking for premium and luxury appliance-related information and products and put your business at the top of their list. 

Experience Matters

Because of our extensive history in and deep knowledge of the premium and luxury appliance industry, Affluent Bridge is poised to connect you to your ideal customers. We understand and employ the latest best practices to optimize our online search advertising strategies to reach these consumers and introduce them to your business. 

Often, marketing and advertising agencies take a blanket approach to reach a general consumer audience. With that approach, two things are likely true:

  1. You are wasting money promoting premium and luxury brands to the wrong audience.
  2. You are competing with big box and online retailers for keywords, further decreasing your reach and devaluing your brand. 

At Affluent Bridge, we hone in on the specific audience you want—the Affluent Audience who is ready to purchase the premium and luxury appliances you sell.

With more than 14 years of digital marketing and advertising experience, the marketing experts at Affluent Bridge have moved the needle for some of the most revered premium and luxury appliance businesses in the country. We have a deep foundation in and solid understanding of this business, and when paired with our digital marketing expertise, we successfully connect businesses like yours to their ideal audiences time and again. Contact us when you’re ready to leverage the power of online search advertising and engage a whole new customer base.