How to Attract the Affluent Buyer
affluent couple at home

While the affluent buyer is a smaller subsection of the overall consumer audience, it is one that packs a big financial punch. And as a luxury and premium appliance dealer, it’s an audience you need to understand. From how this audience has changed to how to adjust your sales funnel to meet their purchasing style, it’s imperative you understand these buyers’ wants and needs.

Here we look at the importance of understanding the affluent consumer and offer the crucial components of meaningful marketing to this audience.

Identify Your Audience

As a premium and luxury appliance dealer, you know your audience is the affluent consumer, but the scope of who you are trying to reach is much more narrow. You’re not just after the affluent audience; you’re after those specific high-end buyers who are also either new homeowners or planning an extensive remodel—or both. 

In addition to the affluent consumer, it’s essential to consider your B2B audience as well. Within your company’s overall marketing strategy, you should intentionally target trade professionals who work with an affluent clientele. Who are the interior designers and builders in your area that work on high-end kitchen projects? What about the top-tier cabinet specialists? And, if you sell outdoor appliances, who are the hardscapers that work exclusively on luxury homes?

Harness the Power of Online Advertising 

From Meta to Google, online advertising platforms allow your brand to reach new customers in highly targeted and cost-effective ways. Whether you are running a simple brand awareness initiative or a retargeting campaign, the ability to select specific audience options such as income and interests allow you to fine-tune your approach to ensure you are reaching your ideal customer.

Once you have honed in on your affluent consumer, employ the use of strategically crafted ads that resonate with this specific audience. suggests that “being unique is what counts” with this particular consumer segment, rather than comparing yourself to competitors. Develop ads that show what makes your showroom the ideal destination for affluent shoppers and the trade professionals who create their well-appointed spaces.

A customized paid search advertising campaign is another way to reach your ideal audiences. According to Digilant, “Only 7% of shoppers start their searches with a manufacturer or retailer’s name.” With the right keyword research and strategy in place, potential customers will begin to see your brand at the top of their searches. 

Maintain Your Reputation

Once the affluent audience is aware of your business and respects the knowledge and experience you have in the luxury and premium appliance space, they may look to online reviews to make the final determination as to whether to step foot in your showroom. It’s imperative that your online reputation be pristine to ensure yours is the company this consumer segment trusts. 

Encourage satisfied customers to rate and review your business online. And when you do receive new reviews, respond to them. Your audience will see that you care about your customers. If you happen to have an unhappy customer who leaves a negative review, craft a thoughtful and carefully worded response to further show your commitment to exceptional customer service.

Another option to further increase brand awareness and boost your reputation is by tapping into on-brand influencers and the relationships they have with trade professionals. According to Business Wire, 66% of consumers between the ages of 18-29 and 61% of consumers between 33-44 trust product reviews from influencers.

As a high-end appliance dealer, it’s imperative you understand that the affluent audience embarks on a lengthy journey that may or may not lead to a purchase from your showroom. To reach that ideal consumer, you need a carefully crafted marketing strategy. If you’re in need of a custom marketing strategy, we’d love to hear from you.