2023 Affluent Audience Trends for High-End Appliance Dealers
woman at kitchen counter with laptop

Over the past few years, the affluent consumer and their attitude towards kitchen design has changed tremendously. Many of the appliance and design trends we saw leading up to 2020 are long gone, and the expectations of affluent shoppers have shifted too. With recent changes in the high-end appliance audience and the market as a whole, premium and luxury appliance dealers must adjust their marketing strategies accordingly. Continue reading to discover new affluent audience trends and why marketing to that audience will be more important than ever for dealers in 2023.

Technology Changes Quickly

From time-saving features to innovative designs crafted for advanced cooking, more consumers are embracing technology in the kitchen. According to Business Wire, industry participants are putting more focus and resources into research and development to meet the demands of the more technologically advanced homeowner. The source also reports that double-digit growth is expected for smart kitchen appliances in the coming years.

Your sales experts may be up to date with the latest appliance technology, but today’s customer journey begins before a showroom visit. Meet your consumers online, where you can grab their attention through digital advertising and via other effective marketing strategies. With well-executed brand awareness efforts, followed by a strong content marketing strategy, you can showcase the technology your products offer and educate future customers who may not otherwise have visited your showroom.

Take the Shopping Experience Online

Business Wire also reports an increase in online shopping for kitchen appliances driven by convenience. One way to enhance convenience for your audience is by bringing the showroom experience to your online channels. Feature a video tour of your showroom or high-quality images of your kitchen galleries on your website. This will allow a shopper who is just starting their search to discover what your space has to offer before committing to an in-person visit. Then use email and social media to deliver some of the valuable information and inspiration to your audience that they would get from a visit to your showroom. With strong visuals, copy, and planning, you can get shoppers further down the sales funnel strictly through digital marketing. 

Remember to give your customers the chance to reach out on multiple channels too. Today’s consumers don’t make a phone call every time they have a question about a product. Instead, they leave comments and send messages on social media. With more than half of households with higher incomes active on social media platforms, it’s more important than ever for you to craft a presence and strategy that shows this audience that you’re available whenever they need you.

Your Values Matter

A new generation of affluent consumers is already changing the market. Kitchen & Bath Design News reports “the demographics are shifting toward a younger audience that is increasingly driving future trends.” In addition to the focus on technology mentioned above, younger generations also place importance on brand responsibility. According to The Drum, 57% of consumers say they are “more likely to purchase from brands that share their personal values.”

Your brand story is more important than ever. Showcase what you stand for on your website and throughout other marketing channels. If you’re a local dealer, consider some of the ways you can support your community to show consumers that you’re more than just a business looking to make a sale.

The ways in which high-end appliance dealers must market to their target audience are only getting more complex. Is your marketing plan prepared for the new affluent consumer? If there’s room for improvement, we’re always here to help.