What Is the Perfect Premium/Luxury Brand?
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Ask a consumer, ask a builder, ask a dealer and you’ll get very different answers. Considering the longevity of Sub-Zero/Wolf and the dominant brand recognition that it carries, it can’t be far from the top of the list. Mulling over the funding support, discounts, and VRs dealers are calculating in February, could it really be Thermador/Bosch? 

This is not a long article of consideration. The perfect premium/luxury brand is the one that delivers the healthiest profits to your business combined with the least amount of headaches. To identify the perfect premium/luxury brand for your business, you need to evaluate which brand offers:

  • Reliable products
  • Consistent availability
  • Minimal defective units
  • Professional and responsive sales reps
  • Reasonable funding as you promote and upgrade your showroom
  • Efficient installations
  • Access to replacement parts
  • Solid profit margins

…that’s the formula for the perfect brand.

We’ve seen dealers sell more of the number two brand because that brand met more of the demands in the “perfect formula”. This game is all about one thing – manufacturers understanding that their long-term success lies in the dealer thriving. Being the best product doesn’t always add up to having the most market share.