Grow Your High-End Business With Email Marketing
Grow Your High-End Business With Email Marketing

At Riley & You, we continue to tout the importance of a consistent email marketing strategy to our premium and luxury appliance clients, and with good reason. In today’s landscape, any marketing strategy needs to include content marketing to be successful, and email is a key vehicle for getting that content in front of an audience who already knows and appreciates your business.  

3 Reasons Why Email Marketing Makes Sense

  1. When it comes to content marketing, there’s no denying that email delivers one of the strongest ROIs. HubSpot recently reported that email generates a whopping 3,800% ROI, and its value is still growing. In fact, “78% of marketers have seen an increase in email engagement over the last 12 months.”
  2. With the right email marketing strategy, you can position your business as one that understands the lifestyle of high-end shoppers. Our email strategy relies heavily on content that is written to educate and inform your specific audience. We highlight brands and offers, but that’s not the primary focus. Our objective is always to offer content that speaks to the reader’s lifestyle – how will this appliance or this feature benefit my home, my life, or my family? 
  3. You might be wondering, “why should I market to people who have already bought new appliances?” It’s true that for a lot of dealers, the bulk of their email list is people who have recently purchased a new appliance. While you might think that marketing towards this audience is throwing away money on people who won’t need new appliances for a decade or more, maintaining a short-sighted view can hinder sales opportunities down the road. What if they move? Or build a new home? Or decide to add an in-law suite to their home? You want to make sure they remember who gave them that great experience purchasing their last appliance. Plus, satisfied customers are one of your best marketing tools. According to, people are 4x more likely to buy something when they are referred by friends. 

Know Your Audience

Several of our clients send a monthly email newsletter featuring content that is specifically written for their high-end audience. When crafting newsletters for clients, we strive to present a mix of content, but always with the goal of educating and informing about premium and luxury appliances. This Friedman’s Appliances newsletter is just one example of the content that our email newsletters have to offer.  

When it comes to email marketing, we’re always fine-tuning our strategy to meet the goals of our clients. For appliance dealers, there needs to be a marketing strategy in place that reaches both consumers and professionals, and we can help you craft content specifically written for each audience. In fact, we’ve recently helped several clients launch a new email newsletter specifically targeting their trade professional audience. For a dealer who has a substantial list of pro contacts, or who is looking to grow their builder business, this can be a simple way to connect with this audience. The newsletter content that we offer is customized for that audience, and as seen in this newsletter from ADU, our objective is to inspire as well as educate.  

Let’s face it; email marketing is essential in today’s market. But between strategy, writing, and design, it can be a complex and time-consuming endeavor. If you’d like a team of experts to help you develop and implement a strategy for your high-end appliance audience that works, get in touch with us today! We’d love to chat.