The Art of Connecting with Builders and Designers

Every dealer puts a different emphasis on their trade business. For some, builders and designers only make up a small percentage of their sales, but for others, trade professionals are a primary source of business. In our experience, the healthiest dealers are the ones who find a good balance between the two. This middle ground offers a way to future-proof your business for the economic turns that always come. 

While events have been a cornerstone of trade pro relationship building for many dealers, there are plenty of additional opportunities to connect with B2B clients. If you’re ready to rethink how you connect with designers and builders in your market to build and maintain lasting partnerships, consider the following ideas.

Connect on Social Media

Whether they are looking for inspiration for a new project or searching for new clients, many trade professionals use social media frequently. When you follow and engage with interior designers and builders on Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms, you’re planting the seeds for a valuable relationship. Make it a routine to engage with trade pros on social media and publish content tailored to them. This way, your business will be at the top of their mind when it’s time to populate their next design with new appliances. 

Get Them to the Showroom

When it comes to high-end appliance marketing, the customer experience doesn’t end with digital. When trade professionals and their clients are outfitting their new kitchens with appliances, they want to experience the products firsthand. Create a showroom experience that will be effective for professionals, not just homeowners. You could put special forms and meeting processes into place for designers and builders, or you could even designate a space in your showroom where they can meet with their clients. 

Conference room at Appliance Gallery

Offer Valuable Content

Your sales staff knows the ins and outs of the premium and luxury appliances you carry, but that expertise is only available to trade professionals when they visit your showroom. Consider publishing B2B content on your digital channels with the trade professional in mind. When you write blog posts addressing appliance shopping from a designer standpoint or send regular email newsletters to keep professionals informed of industry trends and updates, your trade pro audience will look to you not just as a dealer, but as a well of knowledge and insight that can enhance their projects.

Trade professionals present valuable opportunities for repeat business. When you become the go-to appliance source for a designer or a builder, their clients become yours. At Affluent Bridge, we’ve developed effective strategies for helping dealers reach their trade professional audience. If you’re ready to start building relationships with designers and builders, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.