3 Common Reasons Your Growth Has Plateaued (& How to Fix Them)
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Locally-owned independent appliance dealers often have a large and long-lasting footprint in the communities they serve. And sometimes, for generations-old dealers, stagnation can set in and “because that’s just how it’s always been done” becomes a mantra. When this happens, it’s not unusual for profit margins to also become stagnant—or begin to drop off. 

If you’ve reached maximum capacity with your inventory, it’s time to hit pause and take a closer look at why your sales and profits have flat-lined. 

Is it Your Marketing?

If you carry premium and luxury appliances, but they’re just not moving, it could very well be how and to whom you’re marketing. Think about it. What type of customer seeks premium and luxury appliances? It’s someone with disposable income and discerning taste. Does your marketing appeal to that specific customer segment? Indeed, that is a very niche audience, and reaching that consumer base requires specific marketing strategies. 

Is It Your Branding?

Often when legacy dealers are ingrained in a community for decades, owners hesitate to evolve their branding because it’s “recognizable.” But times change and brands evolve. If yours hasn’t, that may be an issue.

Breathing new life into a beloved brand can be transformative. Harness the legacy reputation of your business while capturing a new generation of buyers with a fresh new look. From a reimagined website to a complete showroom overhaul, there are countless ways to revitalize your brand and bring in an entirely untapped customer base.

Is it Your Sales Model?

How adept is your sales staff at selling premium and luxury appliances? Do they speak the language and understand the nuances of these higher-ticket items? Sometimes all it takes is workshopping with your team of sales professionals to get everyone speaking the same language so that they’re effectively communicating with the Affluent Audience. 

When it’s time to invest in your marketing efforts, Affluent Bridge is a hyper-targeted growth marketing firm that is focused exclusively on helping dealers reach their Affluent Audiences. Our proven solutions create unprecedented sales and profits by connecting dealers to their most valuable audience. We provide industry expertise so your communications always present you as the high-end appliance expert.

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